Wisdom Tree Legacies - Ethical Wills & Legacy Letters

An Ethical Will is a document that shares the richness of your life experience and
hard-won wisdom. It’s a way to redefine your values and beliefs, to pay tribute to the
people you love and offer up your hopes and wishes for their future - a way to
create a personal legacy now, not just an inheritance later.

Judith Henry

Judith Henry

Welcome. I’m Judith Henry, owner of Wisdom Tree Legacies. I help people compose their Ethical Wills. Though non-binding, the emotional bonds created in this personal legacy document can be profoundly rewarding for both giver and receiver.

We all understand the importance of writing a Last Will and Testament, which distributes financial assets and material possessions, and a Living Will which spells out your treatment preferences regarding end-of-life care. Both contain precise, legal terms to ensure compliance with your wishes at the appropriate time.

What’s missing is the intimate connection with you that comes from a document written in your own words and your own voice. This is the value of an Ethical Will. As a means of providing a spiritual inheritance, it shares your personal history, wisdom gained, guiding beliefs, and the love you feel for family and friends. It may even be used to more deeply express the decisions outlined in your legal Will or Health Care Directive.

While there are some excellent do-it-yourself books available on writing such a document, the question is not “Can you do it yourself?” The question is, “Will you?”

Hiring an individual to guide you through the process has its benefits. Someone who will listen intently and ask the deeper questions can make it easier and more comfortable for you to reflect upon and rediscover the meaning behind your life. With an established timetable for completion, you’re also assured of a finished product that becomes a valued gift for those you love.

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Five Reasons To Write Your Ethical Will

5. It’s an opportunity to honor the relationships you cherish most.
4. It’s a way of coming to terms with past regrets.
3. It can provide a deeper appreciation and understanding of your personal history.
2. It’s the heart and soul of estate planning that often goes unexplored.
1. Peace of mind is the most important reason of all.